NEW! InstaDJ OS V2.0 - Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303  Synth

NEW! InstaDJ OS V2.0 - Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 Synth








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NEW! InstaDJ OS V2.0


NEW Improved InstaDJ OS V2.0 Operating System - Featuring
TAP Input Mode, Midi Mode Enhancements, Added
Functionality & Enhanced Stability - NEW for 2015!
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 NEW! TAP Input Mode for pattern programming.

NEW! Pattern unroll function. This automatically loops and extends patterns to a length of 16, 32, or 64 steps.

NEW! Arpeggiator Mode copy and paste functions. The version of the pattern that the Arpeggiator is currently playing can be copied to the clipboard and pasted as a new pattern.

NEW! Sequencer gate width / time setting (global setting).

NEW! Pattern playback in MIDI Mode for improved integration with DAWs.

NEW! Live Performance features now incorporated into MIDI Mode.

NEW! Pattern color edit function to Arpeggiator Mode.

NEW! The pattern generator function now produces a wider range of keys and down/up modifiers.

NEW! Adjusted the taper on the Tempo control to increase the accuracy within the most commonly used range of tempos.

NEW! Increased LED indicator refresh rate to reduce LED flicker on some video cameras and improve color representation.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Arpeggiator Mode to play the notes of the first bar more consistent with subsequent bars.

- In Live Performance Mode, the DUAS indicator LEDs now illuminate when pressed.

- Eliminated potential MIDI feedback loops when controlling the TT-303 from a DAW.

- Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

- Existing users can download the InstaDJ OS V2.0 Operating System from the Superior Sounds London & Cyclone Analogic websites.





The Bass Bot TT 303 electronic bass synth features a selectable monophonic analog VCO processed through a 4 pole analog cascading filter. It uses 21st-century transistor technology to synthesize tones from super-crisp self-resonating leads to squelchy rhythms and deep subharmonic bass grooves.




Creating music as simple or complex as you want with the Bass Bot is a breeze. Its ground-breaking InstaDJ OS is an artificially intelligent sequencer and can be programmed in two methods: by a human user or by the computer-controlled Bass Bot.

Humans may program musical patterns manually using traditional step entry with control over pitch, time, length and special characteristics such as octave transpose, accent and slide for each note.



Alternatively let the Bot generate a pattern and use it immediately, tweak it to taste, or mutate it into a new pattern altogether at the touch of a button. The Bass Bot TT 303 includes seven different ‘personalities’ each of which generates its own special style of musical patterns. No two Bots will produce the same patterns. Each is as individual as the user, though the basic personalities are the same for every Bass Bot.

  The Bass Bot TT 303 features seven unique preset personality programs, capable to generate up to 224 computer generated presets by the Bass Bot ™.

An additional 224 Editable Patterns can compose up to 7 songs of up to 127 bars. All information is saved to onboard flash (permanent) memory and transferable directly to other Bass Bots via 8 Pin DIN cable (cloning) or to PC / MAC (backup) for storage with the Cyclone Studio application available on our website in the downloads section. Other platforms to be supported soon.


Cyclone Analogic – Bass Bot TT 303 Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer







Monophonic selectable (saw, square) VCO with 24db 4 pole analogue filter.

User or Bot generated programmable patterns with InstaDJ sequencer.

MIDI IN by default / MIDI IN and OUT (with provided splitter cable).

13 Colour LED display with user definable console and individual pattern labelling.

Auto Tune and VCO calibration on demand.


Generate new patterns using one of seven unique personality algorithms.

Mutate Patterns to create infinitely complex pattern structure and variation.

Live Pitch Transpose (+/- 1/2 step pitch), Live Accent (velocity) & Live Slide (portamento).

Pattern Rotation (left or right) one step in time.

Complex file manipulation of pattern banks using Copy & Paste.

Merge up to 8 patterns to one pattern (maximum 64 steps).

Portable with battery or ac power options at only 730 g (1.6 lbs).

Warranty: Three (3) years warranty from purchase. Online registration required.

Included: Operation Manual / 100-240v adapter 9 volts, 300ma / 8 PIN splitter cable to 5 PIN MIDI IN and 5 PIN MIDI OUT.



Selectable Waveform Switch (saw or pulse)

VCO Tune

Cutoff Frequency


Envelope Modulation



Tempo, Track/Preset and Mode Switch, Power/Volume

Instrument Mix-In Jack to mix audio source with output

MIDI IN (MIDI OUT with included 8 PIN DIN cable)

CV / GATE OUT Jacks (1 volt / octave)

Stereo Headphone Jack

Mono Output Jack

Power In Jack

Physical Attributes:

Power: 100-240v adapter (included) 9v or 6v use with 4 x "C" UM-2 batteries (not included). / Case Material: Plastic ABS.

Weight: 730g / Dimensions: 300(W) x 146(D) x 55(H)mm


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  • Manufactured by: Cyclone Analogic